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2nd class test 8th sem
Internal exam
 Academic Calendar Session 2011-12

1 Commencement of one month
bridge course
1sth Juty, 2014 to 16th Aug.,2o14  
2 Commencement of class 18th August, 2014 1st July, 2014
3 Last date of lssue of Registration No. of the students 15th September,2014 16th August, 2014 (for 3rd Semester
Lateral Entry students)
4 1st lnternal Assessment 2nd week of September,2014 (Any
two davs)
2nd week ofAugust, 2014 (Anv two davs)
5 2nd lnternal Assessment   4th week of September,2014 (Anv two davs)
6 Closing of Attendance   18th october,2014
7 PUJA HOLIDAYS 1st october to 11th October, 2014

1st october to 11th October, 2014

8 2nd lnternal Assessment Last week of October, 2014 (Any
two davs)
9 Closing of Attendance 5h December,2014  
10 Examination 22th December,2O14 to 31st December.2014 12th November,2014 to 26th November.2014
11 Evaluation of Answer Books 15th January,2015 to 5th Februarv.2015 10th 'November,2D14 to 31st December,2O14
12 Publication of result 25th February,2o15 15th January, 2015
1 Commencement of class 7th January,2015 27th November,2014
2 1st Internal Assessment   2nd week of January, 201 5 (Anv two davs)
3 Athletic meet 4thweek of January, 2015 (Anv two davs) 4thweek of January, 2015 (Anv two davs)
4 Annual Cultural meet 2nd week of February, 201 5 (Anv two davs) 2nd week of February, 201 5 (Anv two davs)
5 1st lnternal Assessment 3rd week of February, 2015 (Anv two davs)  
6 2nd lnternal Assessment Last week of March, 2015 (Any two davs) Last week of March, 2015 (Any two davs)
7 Glosing of Attendance 08th April, 2015 14th March,20l5
8 Examination 1st May, 2015 to 8th May,2015 1st April,2015 to 15th April,2015
9 Evaluation of Answer Books 20th May,2O15 to 1Oth June,2015 25th April,2015 to 15th May,201 5
10 Summer Vacation 11th May,2015 to 16th June,2015 11s May,2015 to 16th June,2015
11 Publication of result 30th June,2015 2nd week of June,2015
12 lssue of Final Certificate &
Divisional Mark Sheet
  30th June, 2015
  1. For each Semester minimum 75 working days are considered and in each working days minimum 07 contact hours shall be made avallable.
  2. Each institute shall ensure 100o/o coverage of syllabus during these working days. However, institute shall arrange extra clasBes to make up any shoft fall.
  3. All the faculties should be engaged for evaluation of semester examination papers durlng summer vacation and semester breaks.
  4. The enclosed planner may be printed by SCTE&W, Odisha, Bhubaneswar for circulation among the institutions and students.
  5. Minor modification for Annual Athletic Meet and Cultural Functions may be made at the institutional level, keeping in view the progress of curriculum.
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